Learn programming from 7 years old up to Senior

Yesterday a friend of mine asked, how his 15 years old brother could start learning to program. I took some time and found some pretty games and Web sites to start learning or keep going. I will not review all, but I will update as long as I found more, or some one share with me.

Despite you don’t have any programming skill, try the next ones:

  • Scratch – I give this to my 7 year old daughter, and she loves it. It’s easy to start learning the fundamentals (variables,functions,basic control-flow structure, strings and sequences). You can download or learn online and it supports Portuguese language.

  • Code Combat – It’s a Web-based swords and sorcery game where you fight using programming language such as Python, Lua, JavaScript and others. This game is a little bit advanced, you need to invest in a lot of trial and error, some study to win. In the end you learn some commands, programming logic and create elegant solutions. It supports Portuguese language.

The following are for more advance players.

Online courses are in the vogue. Most of them are in English, but you can find in other language.

The CodePlayer

If you followed all the up games or courses, you have to try these. They will push your skill further.


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